About Us

Making sustainable shopping easy & accessible.


Dustys Bulk Foods is a wholefoods refillery store now open in Torquay.


Our mission is to reduce unnecessary food packaging and food waste. We aim to create beautiful shopping experiences that empower, inspire and educate our customers to make the best choices for their own health and our environment.


Dustys Bulk Foods allows you and your family to fill and refill your pantry and household goods without wasteful and unnecessary packaging.


With a passion for sourcing quality products, and doing better for our environment, Dustys stocks predominantly Certified Organic & locally made products.


With over 400 ingredients to top up your pantry with, Dustys also has a great range of quality Organic vinegars, oils and syrups for refilling.


Grind you own peanut butter fresh in store, or use our flour mill, and mill our organic grains to made freshly milled flours.


From locally sourced honey, to cooking oils, natural cleaning products and personal care products, Dustys Bulk Foods can help you create a healthier lifestyle.


Dustys also stocks a large range of sustainable lifestyle products that will help support the change to building a life and home based on the philosophy of consuming less and consuming quality. 


Feel good every time you shop and shop sustainably at Dustys.