Is Dustys Bulk Foods Australian Owned & operated?

That’s right! We are a small family owned business established in Oct 2021 in Torquay VIC.

Are all of your products sourced locally?

We always source our products locally where possible. In order to stock the vast range we do – it’s not possible to source everything in Australia, as some products are simply not grown in Australia. i.e our vast range of superfoods grown in the Amazon.

Are you a franchise or do you have other stores?

We are not a franchise. We are a small owned and operated family business.

Who is Dusty?

Dusty is our English Staffy family dog. You may see him from time to time out the front of our store. He is very friendly and loves a pat!

How do I sell my product at Dustys?

To be considered, please fill out the New Vendor Application.

You don't stock a product I am looking for, can you get it for me?

We are always looking for exiting new products and working with our suppliers to offer affordable quality food to our customers. If you'd like to make a product suggestion please fill our the contact us form.*Please note we do not stock products packaged in plastic unless certified home compostable. 

How is the bulk food delivered to your stores?

We order all food products in the largest quantity possible to reduce packaging & transport. For all of our local suppliers we have a circular scheme set up whereby we use reusable buckets or containers that we return after each delivery, we try to set this up with as many suppliers as possible. For anything else, some items will arrive in plastic or foil packaging for food safety reasons and in this instance we have a very thorough rubbish sorting system in place with local waste management businesses.

Do you carry Gluten Free products?

Absolutely! We have a large range of gluten free products and although cannot guarantee 100% zero cross contamination, we ensure there is a serious sanitisation process in place to prevent this.

How do you avoid cross contamination?

As above, we have very strict protocols in place, including product placement and sanitisation of scoops, bins and all surfaces. We practice cleaning protocols regularly and stay up to date on all safe practices.

Can I bring my own jars into the store to refill?

Yes! We encourage our customers to bring in their own packaging as often as possible. You can bring in your own empty glass jars, tupperware or whatever you have. Simply weigh your containers on arrival using our scales - then get filling! At the checkout, the weight of your container is deducted off.

Can I bring plastic containers into the store to refill?

Yes! We don’t mind people using plastic, we're just not big fans of single-use plastic. If you are reusing your old plastic containers, that is great. Please ensure your containers are clean & dry.

Do you have parking facilities?

Absolutely! – there is 2 hours parking out the front of our store in the Cliff street carpark, off-street parking nearby on Gilbert Street or in the local supermarket carparks around the corner.

Do you have bike parking?

Yes! We have a bike rack outside.


What if I forgot my jars or my own containers?

We have home compostable paper bags of all different sizes ready for you to fill if you need. You can then take these home and fill up your jars- we recommend doing this as soon as possible to keep the items fresh! Alternatively you can purchase empty jars in store.


Can I return the food I purchased and get a refund?

We do not accept returns on any food items purchased from our store. This is a result of food safety standards. If a food item is damaged, inedible, missing, or similar - we can look to refund you on a case-by-case basis. A receipt of purchase will always be needed.


Where do I find info about working at your store?

You can check out the careers page on our website to get info about store openings. All openings will be posted in store, on our socials & on the careers pages of our website.


But wait, some of your products have packaging?

Yes they do, for safety & hygiene reasons many of our merchandise products have packaging - this also makes them perfect for gifting. But don’t worry all of the packaging you see in store is home compostable, cardboard or stainless steel. We don't products in single use plastics unless home compostable.


How will my order be delivered?

All of our food is packed fresh for you and placed into paper bags which are now sealed with home compostable stickers. Everything is then packed into a solid cardboard box for shipping. We recommend storing in an airtight container as soon as possible to keep the items fresh!


Is your home delivery packaging compostable?

Yes! The paper bags and tape are perfectly safe for your home compost or for feeding to your worms. The cardboard boxes can be also be composted, recycled or repurposed. These items are all manufactured locally in Australia. We also use home compostable zip lock bags made of cornstarch, PLA (a starch based bioplastic resin) and PBAT (biodegradable co-polymer) to send products that can be oily, such as almond meal or roasted nuts. You can either compost these yourself or bring them back to us and we will compost them for you through our friends over at B-ALTERNATIVE.


Can I return my goods?

We cannot accept returns of any food, beauty or hygiene items. We can accept unopened, unused merchandise products but this will be done on a case-by-case basis, in addition to your consumer rights. A receipt of purchase will always be needed.